My brain is moving much faster than I’d like. Too much iced coffee.

I am attempting to slow it down.

Thankfully, my days have been on the uneventful side. I have been busy with tutoring, modeling, and writing. I met with a wannabe producer/director interested in an idea. My producing partner on my lesbian script tried to get me to rewrite a shitty project for free. I met with a friend and felt oddly used. But more on that another day. Because I have fucking news.


My boyfriend and I had sex. Yes. Sex. Three times in the last five weeks. That’s a lot (for us). That’s a situation turning around. That is progress.

Yes, it’s not as organic as I’d like. We have to plan a time to slow down. To lie in bed and cuddle and see where it leads. But aren’t we all moving at breakneck speeds nowadays? Jumping from work to working out to hobbies to chores. There is so much shit to do. My mind is always going in 1000 different directions. It is hard to calm down, to slow down, to breathe.

My brain is still moving much too quickly but I’d like to work on my feature a bit, while I still have time.


One thought on “Speeding

  1. Five year relationship and now your BF is pimping you (wait , ik it’s exaggeration but making a point). Did you tell your BF that you went to a movie with a guy….
    I am not challenging your integrity nor your relationship bc I really don’t know. i find your blog very intriguing bc recently I have been dating a hostess girl and I didn’t meet her at the club.

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