Dear Mad Men, Enough is Enough

Listen, Mathew Weiner. We get it, okay? Don Draper had a traumatic upbringing. He’s got troubles under that strong, silent facade.

But enough is enough.

(Spoilers for Mad Men)

He grew up in abject poverty. But this was the depression–everyone grew up poor. His prostitute mother died and he had to live with family. Again. Tragic, but I can believe it more or less.

Then he goes off to war. Sees his commanding offers killed, and takes the life of the commanding officer. Crazy shit, yes, but somehow believable.

Sure, he sleeps with every woman he can find. Single, married, Catholic, Jewish, living downstairs–he doesn’t care. He needs to fuck.

But now, we lean that he grew up in a brothel, watching his adoptive mother sell herself for peanuts.

Enough is enough. I got the message the 300th time Don called his wife a whore. He’s incapable of intimacy.

Don used to be vaguely relatable and tragic. But this season, he’s an asshole. He is miserable in the face of his wife’s success, and the success of his former protege Peggy. He professes that he wants to stop screwing his neighbor but does it anyway. He guilt his wife for an on-screen kiss–homegirl is a soap actress finally catching a break–then goes to fuck his mistress downstairs.

I can’t take it anymore. I get the point. Do we really need to see Don Draper, once again, refuse to change?


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