Female Character Fatigue

I’m tired of you, Blogosphere.

I’m tired of these pointless, don’t quite get it articles on “strong female characters,” on TV doing female characters right, on Hollywood doing female characters wrong. I’m tired of these articles because they are irrelevant and miss the point. I’m tired because so many articles turn into a diversity checklist, as if we must have someone at every cross section. Sure, it had strong female characters, but where are the disabled, transgendered, gay female characters of color? It’s never good enough for someone, somewhere.

Mostly, I’m tired of articles trying to prove some point they don’t recognize. Why should it be an event every time a TV show or movie meets the BARE MINIMUM of quality writing–interesting male and female characters? No, I am not impressed by a single female character who isn’t a stereotype. I am tired of applauding mainstream crap for pandering  to my demo as if we’re an after thought. Women make up 50% of the population, and slightly more of the movie going public. Marketing to women isn’t progressive; it’s good business sense.

I want to see movies, TV shows, and books where female and male characters get equal screen/page time, where female and male characters are able to push the story forward and make important decisions. I want to see a world where we treat the inclusion of different races, genders, sexual orientations, and levels of ability as normal, not extraordinary.

I write things with interesting characters, female and non-female, white and non-white, straight and non-straight. I don’t need a fucking cookie to know that characters can be novel for reasons beside what is or isn’t between their legs.


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