Once again, I am reviewing nothing but the poster. I can’t help it. There are so many fucking posters along Santa Monica Blvd. and I see them EVERY FUCKING DAY.


I will not see Betas. I will not see Betas because its offense is so common and generic that I am offended by its lack of creativity in upsetting me. I will not see Betas because it is obviously a GUY show about GUYS doing their GUY things, where the GUYS have GOALS and the GIRLS (always girls, never women) are the things to obtain. I will not see Betas because I am particularly sensitive to the GUYS ARE CHARACTERS, GIRLS ARE GOALS trope when the guys are NERDS. Because everything about “nerd culture” screams go away, Fiona Fire, you are not welcome here. Because, even though I love many “nerdy” things, I have never felt welcomed by any of the special little nerd sub-communities. Because even in college, in my games club, at my most welcome, I was still subjected to constant “suck my dick” or “I raped you” jokes, made by, once again, my friends, people I otherwise liked. Because these jokes were so common, I grew tired of rolling my eyes. I will never be welcome in these communities as long as Betas and The Big Bang Theory and GTA V and the vast majority of comic books continue to treat women as others and present them as prizes or pretty (literally spineless things to look at.

Apparently, only men can be real nerds. Only men, average looking men, understand the pain and suffering of social rejection. Doubly so for romantic rejection. Only men, with their superiorly nerdy brains, can retain all the information necessary to be true nerds.

This is such a small offense, but it is so common it feels 1000 tiny knives stabbing me in the same spot, over and over and over again.


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