The Hunger Games

I’ve noticed an incredibly obnoxious trend. People, mostly male adults, aim to discredit The Hunger Games–the books and the films–because the franchise is aimed at teenage girls. Because, of course, if something is aimed at teenage girls, it must be inane. A novel aimed at teenage girls could never contain intelligent social commentary or touch on the horrors of war, trauma, and PTSD. Everyone knows GIRLS DON’T GO TO WAR. Only MEN go to war. Only men can write REAL books about war. Only men write serious books. Joseph Heller, Ernest Hemingway, Joseph Conrad, Kurt Vonnegut–these are MEN who know war, who can write real books, about men, for men.

And, wow, The Onion, I am so impressed that you can mock 14 year old girls. Now go circle jerk over Breaking Bad with your bros at the AV Club.

The only thing worse is people complaining that Gale is hotter than Peeta. Missing the point for 800, Alec. It’s almost as idiotic as creating a Hunger Games inspired makeup line. Oh wait, they already did that… because we all know teenage girls like makeup.


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