How Fiona Fire Got Her Groove Back

I have conquered the demon script that was plaguing me. No, it isn’t done–we’re a few months from that–but I figured out how to tackle it. It’s love triangles. It’s always love triangles.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Ugh, love triangles. What cheesy chick shit. You don’t mean that phoned in BS in The Hunger Games, do you? (Well, really, if you’re at this blog you may love love triangles as much as I do, but I digress).

No, dear readers, the love triangle need not be between one lady and two fellas (or whatever mix works for the sexual orientations of your characters). The love triangle needs to be between your protagonist and two other desires. See, almost every movie or book is a story of a character who wants thing/person A but really needs thing/person B. A typical love triangle has a TRUE LOVE INTEREST and a FALSE LOVE INTEREST. Simply map your character’s desires onto a love triangle, and, bam, instant structure. It looks something like this:

1. We meet our girl. She really wants thing A

2. Our girl meets thing B. She denies her desire for thing B, but we can tell it’s what she needs

3. Our girl gets closer to her goal of thing A. Thing B is in the way. She needs the help of thing B perhaps.

4. Girl gets thing A, but it doesn’t make her happy.

5. Girl realizes she wants thing B (her goal changes)

6. Girl tries to get thing B

7. Girl fucks up thing B

8. Girl sacrifices thing A (and other things) to get thing B back.

It’s a pretty classic 3 act structure, and you can add as much ping pong between thing A and thing B as you like. Perhaps thing A is a job and our girl gets offered a big promotion. How will she say no to that? Perhaps thing B is a dude and the dude’s ex rolls into town, occupying his attention. 

Love triangles.

And, now that I figured out how to slay the demon script, I am actually enjoying screenwriting again. It feels fun again. I am back into dialogue and banter and weird, funny sex stuff. It’s awesome.

I still have no idea when my professional screenwriting career will take off. I’m sure it will be a few more years, at least, but I am feeling more zen about the wait. Hopefully finding a new job, and actually making enough money to support myself, will help take the pressure off writing. Hopefully.


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