Treat Yo’ Self

I am terrible about treating myself. Even when I play video games, I hoard my money like it’s nobody’s business. Really. I refuse to buy items, and, worse yet, I refuse to use items I picked up from enemy drops. I might need them for later. You never know.

I always felt like there were two win conditions for the Sims: be swimming in cash (without cheats, of course) and get married.

Honestly, when I daydream about financial security, I lust over the most mundane things. Wouldn’t it be great to have Keds in every color? And a dozen adorable dresses from ModCloth? And comfortable jeans?

But why wait for this mystical success to reward myself with even the smallest things? I can afford a few pairs of $50 shoes ($30-$40 on sale). So, in celebration of my novel being DONE (save for formatting and final cover decisions), I added to my already extensive collection of Keds–if only I was being paid for this endorsement!– with a new hot pink polka dot pair. And I added to my small collection of dresses with two new $50 numbers. Sure, they are Sunday afternoon dresses and I won’t wear them all that often. But I don’t care. Because I deserve a reward for all my hard work.

You have to celebrate your victories. No one else is going to celebrate them for you.


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