The Personal is Political

I’ve never thought of myself as a political person. Perhaps, as usual, I underestimated myself in comparison to everyone else. After all, I do have very strong opinions about the feminism and the death penalty and social programs and fair wages…

Okay. I might be more political than I thought. But most of this stuff is obscenely obvious. Who, in this day and age, is actually against women having the right to choose? And who, in this day and age, thinks it’s acceptable for companies to decide what birth control woman should be able to use?

Oh, wait, just THE SUPREME COURT.

Sadly, when you are a woman, the personal is political. Want the same pay as a man who does the same job? You’re greedy. Want birth control? You’re a slut. Want an abortion? Why the fuck didn’t you use birth control, you slut? Want to press charges on your rapist? You were probably asking for it.

When I was younger, say in high school, I didn’t understand why anyone would write a political song. I thought songs needed to be personal. I thought art needed to be about feelings. But, as we all are in high school, I was immature and limited in my perspective.

The political is personal. And it’s full of all sorts of strong emotion. Mostly outrage, but, hell, that’s a strong emotion.

And that is why everything I get so mad at people who tell me their writing is apolitical, or people who tell me they have no message to impart.

There is no point in doing art if you have nothing of value to say.

If you want to write like Seth MacFarlane and continue to spew mildly misogynist shit, because it’s just a TV show, then please, please, stop writing now.

Just stop.

I have no time or patience for you.

There is so much in the world that needs changing. There are so many people whose minds need changing. If you want to write for film or TV, you need to have something to say, because, one day, you will have a platform.

It is not enough to want to entertain people or make them laugh.

You need to make them think.


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