Who is Fiona Fire?

Many things but mostly a writer. A romance/romantic comedy writer. Also a feminist. Not an angry feminist. An angry person who happens to be a feminist.

Or, more accurately, a person obsessed with self-image, sex, and gender in society. Frequently annoyed with male dominated “gamer”/”nerd” culture and the Internet in general.

She is easily annoyed.

She has wonky self-confidence and a variety of issues with food, body image, self perception, writing, men, and society in general.

She watches too much SVU and has a weird love-hate relationship with the Death Note anime.

Mostly, this blog is a place for her to deal with her issues.

A sort of writing therapy.

And to discuss things she loathes.

And irritating people.

She finds a lot of people irritating.

Especially phonies.

Holden Caulfield is her spiritual BFF.

Fiona Fire is addicted to confessional writing.

Her favorite movies are Closer and Chasing Amy. She would love to write a similar film.

She is obsessed with sex.

She tends to use way too many clauses.

(And too many parenthesis).

Fiona Fire is not her real name.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. So I read what you posted on Death Note being sexist… and I know that this was about 2 years ago but still I just had to thank you. I’ve been reading Death Note and despite its amazing story I couldn’t help put pick up on those things that you talked about. Well… yeah, I’m just pissed at the men’s world we live in so goodbyeee

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m in a constant state of rewatching Death Note and getting frustrated by its sexism all over again. I wish the writers hadn’t thrown away Misa. She’s such an awesome character in her first appearance! Such a better foil than Near.

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